A huge thank you to The Southlands Foundation for hosting Eric Horgan this weekend! Pam, Louise, and wonder-groom Karen took a drive over on Saturday afternoon to enjoy sessions with Eric, as rider improvement and progression is key at all levels. The weather was brutal with very high temperatures, but storms broke both north and south of Rhinebeck giving a lot of wind and a bit of rain to cool off mid-lesson. Samba ridden by Louise, and Mars ridden by Pam were both delightful mounts and enjoyed having a day off the farm. They each were able to work on improvement to their paces, and exercises will be brought home to continue with the goals set forward. Pam was fortunate enough to have a second session with Eric, riding Sara Runser’s horse Clover to work both on the flat and over fences. Due to the sky finally letting loose buckets of rain we were unable to get any photos, but nice improvements were seen in both phases!