News from the Farm

Millbrook Horse Trials ’19

Day 1

Millbrook Horse Trials kicked off for Pine Plains Equestrian today. Pam had a lovely dressage on Domino owned by the McCormick family. Thank you to the team for getting everything organized at home and the show, as well as helping to keep our horses always looking top notch! We’re looking forward to seeing how the rest of the show progresses!

Day 2

It was another beautiful day for riding! Pam ran Cross-Country on Domino, who had a very bold round and only added time to his score. Pam also got to spend the afternoon competing her own horse Mars. After a long period away from eventing, he’s taken back to it, as though he never took a pause! They had a beautiful dressage round, with a 28.5, followed by a fantastic double clear run around the cross country putting them into 5th for the overnight. Were looking forward to seeing how the weekend finishes up tomorrow with Show Jumping.

Day 3

Great finish to Millbrook HT 2019 for Pine Plains Equestrian. Pam and Domino flew around the show jumping for a beautiful double clear. This was his second ever event and he handled the atmosphere like any other day with a solid relaxed attitude. We look forward to seeing where this horse goes in the future! As for Mars, due to unfortunate weather conditions at the end of Saturday, his divisions show jumping was cancelled. They took the scores as they stood after cross country, therefore he brought home a lovely 5th place ribbon and the positive experience to head into another outing soon.

Millbrook Horse Trials ’19 Sponsor

We were delighted to have to the opportunity to be a part of Millbrook Horse Trials this year as a sponsor. They were such a great group to work with, and really helped create a package that best suited our needs as sponsors. We would highly recommend taking the opportunity to advertise your business with them next year. Pictured we have Alice Roosevelt and Fernhill Zoro flying over the Pine Plains Equestrian finishing fence in the Advanced. Kristen Smith and Trident making light work of our large brush fence in the Prelim, and Pam Lyon with Domino warming up for dressage by our beautiful banner near the entrance of the event.

Southlands Foundations

A huge thank you to The Southlands Foundation for hosting Eric Horgan this weekend! Pam, Louise, and wonder-groom Karen took a drive over on Saturday afternoon to enjoy sessions with Eric, as rider improvement and progression is key at all levels. The weather was brutal with very high temperatures, but storms broke both north and south of Rhinebeck giving a lot of wind and a bit of rain to cool off mid-lesson. Samba ridden by Louise, and Mars ridden by Pam were both delightful mounts and enjoyed having a day off the farm. They each were able to work on improvement to their paces, and exercises will be brought home to continue with the goals set forward. Pam was fortunate enough to have a second session with Eric, riding Sara Runser’s horse Clover to work both on the flat and over fences. Due to the sky finally letting loose buckets of rain we were unable to get any photos, but nice improvements were seen in both phases!

Kent School Horse Trials ’19

Pam took Domino and Clover out to Kent School HT. After having an unfortunate injury just under 2 months ago, this was the first time for all involved getting out showing again. This was also Domino’s first ever event. Both horses excelled in most parts of the day, and had a couple of good learning experiences in others. A huge thank you to Karen for being an exceptional groom and photographer for the day. The team back home also did a wonderful job keeping things going which is so appreciated since without them, getting out wouldn’t be an option!