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At Pine Plains Equestrian we have a passion for Irish horses, a passion that we share with our clients by letting them ride classic examples of the breed that we have personally selected and imported. Why did we choose Irish horses to fulfill the role of our equine teachers? Because they are sound and sane, tough yet biddable. They have been bred for centuries to perform innumerable tasks and continue to do so today with remarkable success. In fact, for several years now, Irish Sport Horses have lead the way as the winning-most event horses in the F.E.I. world rankings and their enduring fame and success as show-jumpers is recognized from Japan to Brazil and all countries in between.

Our School Horse Policy

Whilst most of the horses used in our lesson program hail from overseas we also make use of suitable locally-produced horses if they meet our standards in terms of conformation, soundness and temperament. Canadian Sport Horses in particular, with their mix of Shire or Clydesdale and Thoroughbred, can be useful assets in any teaching program. Wherever the horse hails from originally, it is our mission that he should only spend a year or two working in our lesson program before he is sold to a private owner. As a result, no horse has to endure the rigors of meeting the needs of different riders over a prolonged period of time and no rider at Pine Plains Equestrian is faced with riding a horse who is no longer a willing participant in the learning process. In this way, the horses always have a sparkle in their eyes and our lesson clients quickly learn to become riders and not just passengers on horses who have long-since lost their enthusiasm for work.

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