Our Staff

Our Staff

Clients often compliment us on the quality of our staff and with good reason. At Pine Plains every staff member has deliberately chosen the equestrian industry for their career and has spent years studying and training to be effective and competent in their job. The majority of our staff fulfill the same job specification as grooms and trainers. This holistic overview of your horse’s welfare means that both you and he are in the best possible hands. In this way you can confidently work in your office during the week or go away on vacation and be certain that your horse is receiving the very best care and attention, 365 days of the year.

At Pine Plains we use our contacts to source dedicated professionals who are looking to use their skills in a busy, vibrant environment. Pine Plains Equestrian Center is an attractive destination for trainees and professionals alike looking to advance their careers and we are often contacted by potential recruits and we are never short of qualified staff.
The team at Pine Plains always comprises a fun, eclectic group of equestrian enthusiasts who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with our clients. 
We are always interested to hear from anyone seeking to work at Pine Plains so if you think you fit the bill, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please get in touch for more information and then apply in the first instance by contacting us.

Kathy Osborn


Kathy Osborn has led a life dedicated to fostering the special bond between people and horses in a fun and safe manner. Horse welfare and rider safety are her primary concerns which is reflected in all levels of her teaching and barn management. Kathy owned, managed, and trained at Liberty Farm in Ohio which she established in 1990. She has over 30 years of experience developing riders and their horses/ponies for hunter/jumper competitions at the local and national level while managing successful public lesson and camp programs. Over the years Kathy has ridden with many stars of the industry including Danny Robertshaw, George Morris, Anne Kursinski, Michael Meller, Michael Matz, Linda Mancini, Gary Duffy, and others. Riders of all ages under Kathy’s guidance have progressed from beginner to USEF “A” Competitions. Kathy works with riders and their families to design a plan for each horse/rider to meet his/her goals. In 2019 Kathy and her daughter Mica Rose Frank, along with a small herd of horses, dogs, and chickens, relocated to the Hudson Valley from Columbus, Ohio.She lives on a small farm in Red Hook, has a BS from The Ohio State University.

Gabriel Montanino

Asst. Manager

Born and raised here in Dutchess County, Gabby pursued horses at the young age of 4 making it the biggest part of her life. She has been training with some of the best in the industry since she was young, trainers like Eric Horgan, Bevin O’Reilly Duggan, Allison King, Boyd Martin, Stephen Hayes, and more. Gabby travels to Aiken, SC with her personal horses every winter, training/ competing with Bevin full time since the age of 16. Gabby is working everyday at advancing her riding and moving herself and her horses up through the levels. A USDF bronze medal is next on the goal list for Gabby, with the help of USDF Gold Medalist Molly Maloney; we are hoping to make this goal a reality.

Breanna Sprik


Bree Sprik has experience training and teaching the very basics of beginning riding up to competitive dressage, working equitation, and eventing. She is a USDF bronze and silver medalist, finishing her USDF “L” program in 2021. Bree also has experience through 1.20M jumpers and level 5 working equitation. Her methods employ a variety of cross training tools such as obstacles and trail riding in conjunction with standard dressage and jumping work. Her approach keeps the material fresh, engaging and fun for both the horse and rider. As a result, both learn surprisingly quickly. Bree grew up in the Midwest riding western and doing natural horsemanship as well as exercising racehorses for the track. This broad background enables Bree to develop programs to benefit most any horse and rider. Bree is the local expert at a relatively new discipline known as working equitation which combines classical dressage, jumping, obstacles, and working cows. Bree teaches her customers to become their own horseman/woman. She supports and prepares her students who wish to compete, but all her students are taught to listen to their horse, appreciate the small victories, and develop a relationship to build on for their entire riding career.

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